5 weeks

Explosive performance

This is a great plan to get you that explosive power! Don’t forget to put in as much speed and explosiveness in every repetition as possible. Always stay in control though and be sure to get your rest in between sets.

Fredrik Devoto

Week 2

After the first week of getting to know your explosive strength it’s time to add one more set to every
exercise in order to really get faster and stronger.

Week 3

The third week we introduce new and more complex movements and exercises. Keep pushing

Week 4

Time for week four! Now we introduce more supersets that also combine lower and upper body.
Keep pushing your speed in every repetition!

Week 5

On the last week we work in tri-sets (3 exercises in a set) with exercises you know well by now.
Time to show yourself how much you’ve developed during these five weeks and finish of with style!