8 weeks

Glorious woman

This plan focuses on building a strong foundation after having giving birth - either recently or perhaps a few years ago. There’ll be a lot of exercises focusing on core, legs and buttocks to build you strong, from inside out. The purpose is to find and activate muscle groups that may have become more passive after pregnancy, sedentary work, etc. I want to help you feel like the glorious woman you are!

Caroline W. Söderblom

Week 2

You’ve done your first week - well done! Now let’s kick off the second week, where focus will be to
push yourself a little bit more in each exercise. Let’s roll!

Week 3

Time to level up! This week we’ll increase the number of repetitions for each exercise. By doing this
you’ll be constantly challenged and your progression will be obvious.

Week 4

You’re doing great. Continue with focus and discipline throughout week 4 - keeping this fantastic
routine and strike.

Week 5

Half-way there, way to go! As of this week it’s time to step it up again, with one additional set per
exercise This is to help you develop and get stronger and in better shape for each week!

Week 6

Continuous progression with increased number of repetitions this week. Stay focused and make sure
to keep your good technique throughout the work-outs.

Week 7

This week I’ll challenge you further by increasing the number of repetitions once again, while the
number of sets stays the same. Keep up the good work and stay focused on your goal.

Week 8

Time flies! We’re hitting the last week of this workout plan. You’ve done a fantastic job in maintaining
this routine and having done 21workouts the past 7 weeks. Impressive. Now ensure full speed and
focus on your last week and don’t forget to enjoy your enhanced condition and strength along the way!