8 weeks

Glorious woman

This one’s for the moms. Re-activate muscle groups that become passive after pregnancy and build strength from the inside out.

Caroline W. Söderblom

Week 2

Time to push yourself a little further in every exercise this week. Let’s roll!

Week 3

Time to level up! This week we’ll increase the number of repetitions for each exercise. By doing this
you’ll be constantly challenged and your progression will be obvious.

Week 4

Halfway there. Stay focused!

Week 5

It’s time to step it up again, with one additional set per exercise.

Week 6

More reps, more intensity. You’ve got this!

Week 7

This week we slow things down a little. Just kidding. We increase the reps once again!

Week 8

You’ve worked out 21 times in the past seven weeks. Amazing! Now it’s time to take it across the finish line. Enjoy your results, you’ve earned them.